October 4 & 5, 2017 - Williston ND

Panels and Showcase

The Williston Basin has experienced significant changes in the recent past. As operators, service companies and everyone along the supply chain adjusts to the new market realities and the maturing of the Bakken, many new technologies, techniques, products and services have emerged. Presentations will feature cutting edge research, valuable techniques and accomplishments and the latest strategies to enrich the educational experience for show participants.

State of the Market and Economy

Brent Bogar - President
Jadestone Consulting

The session will present the latest market and economic data and statistics providing an in-depth look at the historical information and latest trends for over 20 indicators including:
  • Total Well Statistics: Capable of Producing, Producing, Not Producing, Percentage Not Producing
  • Oil & Gas Prices
  • Average Daily Oil Production
  • Average Daily Gas Production
  • Average Monthly Rig Count
  • Well Completions
  • Employment and Jobs Data
  • Sales Tax Revenue Distributions
  • Airport Boarding Volume
  • Gross Production Tax Distributions

Drones in the Bakken

Mike Johnson – Director of Flight Operations

Chad Breuer – Survey Manager
Erickson Contract Surveying

The panel will cover an overview of UAS topics as well as specific applications and uses currently employed in the Williston Basin and oil and gas industry including:
  • Commercial UAS regulations
  • ROW Monitoring
  • Emissions monitoring 
  • Internal Tank Inspections
  • Mapping of Preliminary Pipeline ROW routes
  • Mapping of Preliminary Well Locations
  • As-builds of Pipeline in Open Trench
  • As-builds of completed Well Locations and Facilities
  • Containment Capacity Surveys
  • Volume Surveys
  • 3D Modeling of Facilities

Thermal Mass Gas Flow Measurement: Flares, Vents, Produced Gas

Tim Modders – Regional Manager
Fox Thermal Instruments

The accuracy of the Fox Model FT4A Thermal Gas Mass Flow meter and Temperature Transmitter is compliant with BLM 3175 and API 14.10. The FT4A offers the flexibility to program the gas composition into the meter in the field at the push of a button with the expanded Gas-SelectX® gas menu. The O&G menu makes this meter perfect for use in upstream Oil & Gas applications.

SPE Speaker Series

Society of Petroleum Engineers – Williston Basin Section

Monte Besler - Consultant
FRACN8R Consulting

Andrew Eis – Assistant District Manager – Bakken

Darren Schmidt – Principal Engineer Drilling and Well Operations
Statoil Gulf Services LLC

The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Williston Basin Section will be providing an overview of technology in the Bakken including well stimulation, downhole tools, and facility production operations.  The speakers from the SPE include board members Monte Besler, Andrew Eis, and Darren Schmidt.  The Williston Basin Section conducts monthly meetings providing technical content and discussion for its members, and raises funding for student Petroleum Engineering scholarships annually at the University of North Dakota and Montana Tech.  The SPE brings a number of internationally recognized distinguished lectures to Williston each year.  Please visit www.willistonbasin.spe.org to find out when the next meeting or lecture is in town.

weTrack: Well Equipment Tracking & Analytics

Dustin Hagen – Founder and CEO
RPT Industries

RPT Industries, creator of the Rod Pump Track platform, introduces weTrack a well equipment tracking and analytics platform. weTrack solves three major issues with data in the industry.  Learn how weTrack provides a single solution for standardizing vendor and contractor data entry.  See how weTrack gives you instant data access for  real-time analysis and stick around to hear about RPT Industries’ vision for the future of industry wide data collaboration. 

Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Mandate and Compliance Solutions

Scott Tyson – Sr. Sales Manager
Andrew Kleim – Client Success Manager
Qv21 Technologies

The Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate calls for the Secretary of Transportation to adopt regulations requiring ELD use in commercial motor vehicles when operated by drivers who are required to keep records of duty status (RODS). The final rule compliance date is 12/18/2017. An overview of the rules and compliance will be covered along with solutions you can use.

Qv21 offers an ELD solution including hardware (electronic logging device/GPS tracker) that is installed in the cab of haulers of crude, refined fuel, sand, water and any bulk commodity. Used with a driver app on an Android phone or tablet, the TLF ELD Compliance Module allows drivers to change duty status, certify logs and transfer logs to the DOT, as requested. 

Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Mandate and Compliance Solutions

Mike Koebel – Sales Director, Mobile Workforce Management

The Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate calls for the Secretary of Transportation to adopt regulations requiring ELD use in commercial motor vehicles when operated by drivers who are required to keep records of duty status (RODS). The final rule compliance date is 12/18/2017. An overview of the rules and compliance will be covered along with solutions you can use.

AssetWorks solution set includes ELDs for DOT compliance, dispatching and electronic field ticketing for crude haulers & field service organizations, lone worker monitoring, GPS tracking for vehicles/trailers/assets, bulk fuel management & driver behavior monitoring.

Custom Applications for Running Your Business

Jeff Zarling - President
DAWA Solutions Group

Systems and processes are critical for your ability to scale and grow a thriving business. While packaged software applications can meet the needs of some businesses, others benefit from custom applications that better support their unique business processes that are often handled in Excel spreadsheets that become cumbersome and unwieldy.

Custom solutions can provide additional benefits and features including:
  • Reduce duplicate data entry
  • Field Ticket automation
  • Asset inventory and tracking
  • Invoicing automation
  • Integration with QuickBooks and other accounting systems
  • Integration with OpenInvoice and Oildex
  • Mobile applications including Work Orders, Field Tickets and Testing Forms

Extended Life Fire Tube
Pay Young - President
PatLoc Safety Systems

Recent oil conditioning mandates have created wear and failure problems with traditional fire tubes. PatLoc Safety Systems, creator of the innovative pump jack lockout device PatLoc, are introducing their latest industry innovation -the Extended Life Fire Tube. It's made of corrosion resistant alloys, can withstand up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, and is tested to last for over 30 years.

Innovative Oil Separation Technology Using Indirect Heat

Gene Bittel – Business Development & Sales
ETI - John Zink Hamworthy Combustion

Conventional heater treaters will supply a feed to tanks which is a mixture of oil and gas because they operate at pressures higher than the tanks.  The ambient temperature losses inherent to North Dakota found in both the 125 ft of piping and in the exposed tanks will re-condense the gas, throwing off vapor pressure specification.  To counteract, operators must apply more heat at the heater treater.  This will cook off not only the re-condensing gas but also good recoverable oil.  

ETI’s patented Oil Treating Variance Solution (OTVS) applies indirect heating and multistage separation to meet RVP or Vapor Pressure of Crude Oil specification prior to entering the tanks.  Due to the inherent safety in indirect heat both salt deposition and fire tube failure are alleviated. The application of indirect heat allows for closer proximity of equipment versus typical heater treaters, which can reduce well pad space by approximately 60%. Due to the location, indirect heat, operating pressure of heat, and other factors ETI’s OTVS solution is nearly immune to ambient temperature losses and can easily meet an RVP specification prior to entering the tanks and in many situations, increase oil recovery under these cases by up to 10%.

TENORM Analysis and Waste Acceptance

Robert Morris – Principal Health Physicist
TENORM Measurement Solutions

Chris Kreger – Director of Health, Safety and Environmental Services
JMAC Corporate Services

The session features a technical and operational discussion on the challenges faced by the oil and gas industry when measuring, handling, and disposing of potential TENORM materials. 

Robert Morris, Principal Health Physicist with TENORM Measurement Solutions will present a detailed discussion regarding the difficulties of making fast and accurate total radium concentration measurements and how those measurements prove compliance with state regulations. Robert’s discussion will include differences in exposure rate and activity measurements and how each measurement can be made. 

Chris Kreger, Director of Health, Safety, and Environmental Services with JMAC Corporate Services will discuss the application of these technologies in an operational environment and how Waste Generators can develop a level of awareness with regard to waste acceptance of TENORM at special waste landfills. Chris will also discuss some of the challenges faced when ensuring compliance in an operational environment.

Production Chemical Optimization - Emerging Trends

Dan Anderson – Regional Business Development Manager
Refinery Specialties, Inc.

Shane Brinster – Chemical Engineer
Refinery Specialties, Inc.

Kevin Black – Business Development
Creedence Energy Services

Brandon McDonald – MiSwaco – Schlumberger
Global Technical Services Engineer

Collin Schulte – Production Engineer
Oasis Petroleum

Chuck Black – Engineer
FlowCore Systems

Use of chemistry in oil and gas production is critical to maintain and improve well performance. A number of emerging trends in the Williston Basin will be covered during this panel discussion including:
  • Scale Inhibition
  • Scale Squeeze Techniques
  • Halite Inhibitors and Their Effectiveness
  • Acid Treatment Strategies
  • Delivery Methods for Effective Treatment

Fuel Savings, Lower Maintenance Costs, High Productivity – Get More Out Of Your Equipment

Marc Kirsten
Webasto Thermo & Comfort North America, Inc.

For more than a century, Webasto has set new technological standards for comfort solutions. Webasto products offer fuel savings, increased driver comfort, reduced emissions, reduced engine wear and a quick return on investment. Webasto produces air heaters for interior cab comfort and coolant heaters for engine pre-heat. Come learn how Webasto will help you get more out of your equipment.

LoadPass: The New Uniform County Permit System

Janet Sanford – Permit System Operator
Western Dakota Energy Association

The LoadPass Permit System (formerly known as the ND Uniform County Truck Permit System) operated by the Western Dakota Energy Association will be discussed, including the new system brand, and a major system enhancement currently being developed.  Janet Sanford, WDEA Permit System Operator, and Brent Bogar, WDEA Research Consultant, will present an update on LoadPass Permits, and answer any questions that attendees might have for them.

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